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Critique Forum Rules.

These forums are for people to help each other out and critique each other. Preferably, you should only post your art here if you're interested in making improvements and need some extra help.

If you don't like having people comment on your art, then make it clear in your post or don't post at all.

Also, try to post things that you really need help on so you're not wasting people's time. If you already know there are problems and where they are, try to fix them before posting. Don't post scribbles you did on your notes during 3rd period or that thing you did in crayon on a napkin.

Critique Forum Tips:

1) Critique other people

If you come into the forums, post your work, and then leave, you may find that others won't help you out much and your pictures won't get much attention. Spend a little time helping out other artists, and they will usually return the favor.

A good rule of thumb is to go and critique 4-5 other people everytime you post a picture of your own. That way, as you build up a reputation of being helpful, you will usually get more help from others.

2) Be constructive.

If you're going to give a critique, try to be specific and give the artist information on how you would fix problems. If you just post stuff like "that's cool." or "that sucks," you're not really helping anyone.

Try to balance your crits and point out positive and negative points so the artist knows where they stand. Also, even if you're pointing out problems in an artwork, it's easy to be nice about it and helpful.

Bad Critques:
"This art sucks." <- don't do this.
"The proportions are bad." <- Better than the first, but still not too helpful to the artist since you're not being specific.

Better Critiques:
"I think the head is too big, the arms and legs are too long, and the eyes are too far apart." <- Specific enough, but could probably be phrased more tactfully. Could also use some positive crits to balance things out.

Good Critiques:
"I think the head is too big, but I do like the way you drew the eyes and hair. I think the nose could be a little smaller though." <- Better, and it gave the artist some ideas where he/she did well.

3) Don't be shy

Even if you're a beginner, don't be afraid to critique and try to help others. One of the best ways to learn other than drawing yourself is to look at other people's art and try to identify problems. You'll find it's easier to identify problems in your own art as you get better at it.

Even if you can't clearly identify the problems, feel free to ask questions of the artist. They'll almost always appreciate the attention and you might just learn something.

Just try to be nice and specific and you'll do fine.
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